Gown and Hood Rental

Graduands are required to wear academic dress during the ceremony.

Gowns and hoods are automatically ordered for all graduands attending, there is no need to pre-order. A wide range of hoods and gowns (in all sizes) are available for the graduand. The graduand can rent their gown and hood from Gaspard whose representatives will be available at the University - HUMAN KINETICS BUILDING Room 140 (College Avenue - Main Entrance), a maximum of half a day before your ceremony.

  • Morning ceremony: students pick up gown/hood starting at noon the day before their ceremony, or the morning of their graduation
  • Afternoon ceremony: students pick up gown/hood in the morning after 9:00 a.m. on the day of their graduation.

Note: gown and hood pick-up is at the Human Kinetics Building Room 140 (College Avenue - Main Entrance) in front of the St. Denis Centre.

The rental fee (set by the company) is $29 ($14.50 for the gown; $14.50 for the hood). The PhD fee is $45 ($30.00 for the gown; $15.00 for the hood). Prices include tax.

The graduand or a delegate must present the graduand’s student number. The gown and hood must be returned to room 140 in the Human Kinetics Building within one hour of the convocation ceremony.
Academic dress not returned by 7:00 p.m., must be shipped by courier to Gaspard, 1035 Rangeview Rd., Mississauga, Ontario, L5E 1H2 Tel: 905-891-1202 at the graduate’s expense.

Convocation is a formal event… appropriate attire under the gown is recommended. 
Graduands may wish to bring a few safety pins to secure their hood or gown. Academic head-gear (mortarboards) are not used.

Baccalaureate (bachelor’s) hoods are black, lined with Windsor colours: monastra blue with two gold chevrons; the hoods are three feet long with a two-inch velvet border.

The colour of the border indicates the discipline in which the graduate is receiving his or her degree:

Arts & Science (mauve)
Arts (white)
Fine Arts (brown)
Music (pink)
Public Administration (emerald green)
Social Work (peach)

Science (golden yellow)
Computer Science (antique gold)
Environmental Studies (bright green)
Forensic Science (red)
Mathematics (mint green)
Operational Research (burgundy)

Business Administration (sapphire)
Business Studies (navy blue)

Education (light blue)

Applied Science (orange)

Human Kinetics (sage green)

Law (purple)

MEng, BEng.Tech (grey)

Nursing (apricot) 

All candidates at the doctoral level receive the Doctor of Philosophy degree, which is conferred in the area of specialty.

Doctoral hoods are of the full Oxford design, and are gold, lined in monastral blue with two gold chevrons.

The hood for the Honourary Degree (honoris causa) is of the same pattern as that of the Doctor of Philosophy, but is of monastral blue velvet with gold soutache braid trim, matching the blue and gold Honorary Gown. Honorary degrees are awarded not only for the outstanding intellectual accomplishments but also for the major contributions to the arts, culture and society at large.