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Chancellor Mary Jo Haddad

A Message from

Chancellor Mary Jo Haddad

With admiration and tremendous pride, we celebrate the Class of 2021! In a year like no other, we will celebrate virtually as COVID-19 continues to disrupt our daily lives and the traditions we hold dear. Our collective pride in all that you have achieved could not be stronger.

You have been on an extraordinary journey at the University of Windsor where you have embraced new and unprecedented ways of learning, engaged with a diverse community of learners and teachers and developed relationships that you will cherish for a lifetime.

The days ahead are full of hope as we come together to build a safer, more equitable and prosperous world. No doubt the challenges are extensive but so too are the opportunities to leave your mark on a world that needs your talent and innovative solutions, your vision and leadership and importantly, your humanity...

Your commitment and tenacity, graduating with a degree from the University of Windsor, at a time of tremendous change and in a world that has forever changed has given you a strong foundation and enabled your future success.

I hope you leverage all of the knowledge you have gained, the skills you have learned and the relationships you have fostered in your journey ahead. Be proud of the resilience you have demonstrated and the growth you have achieved, and embrace the future with confidence.

To each of you, our Fall 2021 graduates, may your journey continue to be rewarding, and may you look back on your years at the University of Windsor with tremendous pride.

Robert Gordon

Robert Gordon
President & Vice Chancellor
University of Windsor

A message from UWindsor President Robert Gordon to all 2021 Graduates

I want to wish my heartfelt congratulations to all of you on your accomplishments during your time here at the University of Windsor. And to officially welcome you into the graduating Class of 2021.

I would also like to say this knowing it includes the best wishes of every one of the faculty, staff and fellow students who contributed to your achievements. To reach this point in your life, you’ve worked incredibly hard, and your determination and dedication have paid off. Celebrating Convocation is proof that you’ve succeeded.

That’s why your University of Windsor family is so proud - and yes, excited - that we have been able to provide you with a virtual Convocation this fall- despite the uncertain and often difficult times we’ve faced throughout 2020-21 and continue to deal with...

It’s not the traditional Convocation that we’d all rather be taking part in, but we do hope our virtual event means that your family, your friends and those people who have been instrumental in helping you reach this important milestone in your life can share in your accomplishments.

Our virtual Convocation has also given you the opportunity to share this special time with many other of our graduates from across the globe. The University of Windsor Class of 2021 includes over 1,300 graduates. And all of you will be joining an Alumni family that now numbers more than 150,000.

Now it’s time to move forward and take the confidence and experiences you’ve forged at the University of Windsor with you. You are ready to make a significant and lasting impact on your community, our region and your country - wherever you may be. We are so proud of you, and we cannot wait to see how your stories unfold.

And here’s something you can count on - All of us at the University of Windsor will be thinking of you in the days ahead. And if you need us, we’ll be here for you.

Watch Convocation Live

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Friday November 5, 2021 @ 4 PM ET

Session 1:
Faculty of Engineering

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Friday November 5, 2021 @ 6 PM ET

Session 2:
All other Faculties & Programs not in Session 1

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2021 UWindsor Graduate
Patti Lauzon

Patti Lauzon
Director of Alumni &
Donor Communication

Welcome to the Alumni Family

Congratulations! The Alumni Association congratulates you on achieving this milestone and proudly welcomes you to the University of Windsor alumni family. As a graduate of the University of Windsor, you have joined a proud, strong network of over 145,000 UWindsor alumni worldwide.

Our University of Windsor alumni are doing great things in their professional and personal lives around the world. From working on state-of-the-art research to writing important works of fiction to working on the front lines of our healthcare field, our alumni are certainly part of why we are Windsor Proud. We know you will carry on this great tradition and we can’t wait to hear about the fabulous things you will do!

Please remember to stay in touch and keep your contact information updated through our web site. We want to make sure you receive invitation to special networking events, guest speakers, social events and we will keep you updated on the exciting things that continue to happen at our great university.

You represent all that is great about the University of Windsor. Cheers to your graduation!

Patti Lauzon
Director of Alumni &
Donor Communication

Your University of Windsor Alumni Association

To learn more about the University of Windsor Alumni Association visit the UWindsor Alumni website, or email

Frequently Asked Questions

Fall 2021 Convocation ceremonies will be postponed helping address the spread of COVID-19 and support social distancing strategies. Though we are all disappointed we cannot celebrate our students’ achievements in the usual way, please know that your health and safety is our primary decision-making driver during these unprecedented times. 

Currently we are unable to produce and send out any visitation letters for family members to attend the ceremony. 

In the coming months, once plans for the Fall 2021 Convocation ceremonies are finalized, the Office of the Registrar will invite Fall graduands and their families to participate in the Fall ceremonies. All graduating students will have an opportunity to celebrate and be recognized as part of these ceremonies. 

Yes. If you have completed all the academic requirements of your program, and have completed the application to graduate process in UWinsite Student you will graduate.

Yes. All students who will have completed their degree requirements by the end of the summer term, must apply to graduate whether you plan on attending your Convocation ceremony or not. 

If you are eligible to apply to graduate for Fall 2021 Convocation, please note the no-fee deadline is August 15, 2021.

Late applications to graduate will be accepted August 16 to September 30, 2021.  If you apply during the late application period, and wish to attend your Convocation ceremony, a non-refundable, non-transferable $80 fee will be charged.  No applications to graduate will be accepted after September 30, 2021.

To apply to graduate, please log on to UWinsite Student. 

After you have applied to graduate, it is recommended that you check your graduation eligibility status in UWinsite Student regularly, as applications are being evaluated on an ongoing basis. 

Note: Your graduation eligibility status will be "Approved" or "Conditionally Eligible" if you have been deemed eligible to graduate. 


  1. "Approved" indicates you are approved to graduate 
  2. "Conditionally Eligible" indicates you are conditionally eligible to graduate based on the successful completion of your courses.

Parchments, the legal document embossed with the University seal and the graduate’s name and degree, will be couriered after the degrees have been conferred. 

Your mailing address on Uwinsite Student will be the default shipping address. Please note that couriers cannot deliver to P.O. Boxes. You have until October 7, 2021 to update your mailing address on your UWinsite Student profile for the purpose of shipping your diploma. 

To update your address in UWinsite Student, follow the steps below:  

  1. On the Student Homepage, click the Profile tile.  
  2. In the left navigation menu, click Addresses.  
  3. Change your Home Address (permanent address) and/or your Mailing Address (address while attending UWindsor).

*NOTE: If you are living in Residence at UWindsor, your Residence address will be pre-populated and cannot be updated by you in UWinsite Student. Information on Residence mailing addresses can be found here.   

For additional information on how to set up your student profile, please visit this article.  

If your mailing address was incorrect on your UWinsite Student profile: The courier company will call the number provided but if the diploma cannot be delivered, it will be returned to the Office of the Registrars.  We will contact you to correct the address, however any further attempts to courier the diploma will be at your expense. 

If your mailing address was missing: Your home address will be used in lieu of a mailing address.  

It is imperative that you review your mailing address on your Uwinsite Student profile and ensure it is correct. If the Office of the Registrar is required to re-ship your diploma, there will be additional charges directly incurred by you.

Yes, we will ship worldwide (at no charge to you). Please update your mailing address on your Uwinsite Student profile.   You will need to provide a full street address, City or town, Province or Region, Postal code and your international phone number.  If there are any problems trying to deliver your package, the courier will reach out to your international phone number. 

Thank you,

Nothing can replace the experience of crossing the Convocation stage and having your accomplishment recognized. We are as saddened as you that the pandemic has forced us all to change how we gather and celebrate life’s biggest moments.

Earlier this year, President Robert Gordon promised that, when safe to do so, an in-person celebration for you and your family will be held on campus. We will contact you once more information is available.